Art Brussels 2016


The weekend of my birthday of 2016 was one of the most hectic weekend I’ve ever experienced. On Saturday I went to Independent Brussels, an art fair that originated in New York. And on Sunday, the day of my birthday, I went to Art Brussels. A few years ago, when I was still in high school. I did visit it once and I remember that I wasn’t that extremely interested back then. A few years later and packed with a lot more knowledge and criticism, I set foot in the booths once again.

It sure is an experience in itself. There are a lot of different types visitors. The curious youngsters, the young families, the elderly couple, the art collectors, and so on. I was surrounded by art, what better way to spend your birthday than in these circumstances?

First of all, this post isn’t a list of my top 10, it’s more a summary of all the work that caught my eye.

Bugada and Cargnel 




I absolutely adore this work by Claire Tabouret. These portraits are so captivation, her colours are perfectly used and the combination with the fluo works.

Galerie Jousse Intreprise


The simplicity of this presentation spoke to me the most. So different kinds of art, but they keep each other in balance.


Photo of their website


Tim Eitel painted these little portraits, which have a sculptural appearance. The contrast between the tininess of the canvas and the monumentality of the wall made my eyes immediately focus on the paintings.


The geometrical sculptures of Julien Prévieux

Jenkins Johnson Gallery 


The inspired by the old masters- portraits of Hendrik Kerstens caught my attention. The influence is very clear, but these photos have a strong contemporary and new vibe over them.

Gallerie Peter Kilchmann



Loved this roughly painted work by Marc-Antoine Fehr.






A change of scenery was the Brussels based gallery Aeroplastics, with work by Roger Wagner.




They presented a solo exhibition with work by Ori Gersht. The weirdness of the installation, the transformation of the portraits with the accompanied sound, made me stand there for a few minutes to stare at the screens.



Lastly, to end this post on a high note. This painting, by Armen Eloyan, at the booth of Timothy Taylor gallery made me laugh so much.




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