Roadtrip to Germany and Denmark

Last week I went on a quite spontaneous and mostly unplanned roadtrip through Germany and Copenhagen. There were three stops that I wanted to make, firstly I wanted to roam around the halls of the Hamburger Kunsthalle and admire the beauty of Caspar David Friedrich, Edvard Munch, Alberto Giacometti and many more. The second stop on the list was the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, with some more Giacometti, in a city called Humlebaek (north of Copenhagen) and lastly the Botanical Garden in Copenhagen (which we didn’t visit, due to closing hours and other priorities).

You can expect a few more detailed posts about the museums that we visited and you will be able to feast your eyes on some of the photos that I made of the art. But firstly I need to talk about a few of the campings that we stayed at.


I am a sucker for change, I like to discover as many things as possible, that’s why we stayed at a different camping every night. We never had a complaint about any of the places, that’s why I would recommend every single one of them to you.

The first day of our roadtrip we left Belgium two hours later then expected, due to the company of a few mosquitos that night. We drove up to seven hours and arrived at our first camping place, Camping Blauer See.  It’s a camping located in the city of Garbsen, Germany. We arrived five minutes before closing hour of the reception so our roadtrip started with a bit of a stressy moment. After trying to think straight we found a number on the door and decided to make a call. The person on the other end was very friendly and pointed us in the direction of a secret hiding spot of all the information that we needed. The camping itself was very cozy, surrounding a lake on which you can waterboard.

After a good night sleep we headed out and started driving again to our next destination, Laerkelunden camping. This camping was situated in a city called Gärsten. I loved this one, it was very green, spacious and very very near the sea. The photos below shows the beautiful view we had.

The only unpleasant thing were our neighbours. A family of five with a snoring dad. Since I am not used to sleeping in a tent and sleeping somewhere else than my own bed, I am not able to get into a deep sleep which is very annoying when the sound of snoring is produced a few meters from our tent.

The next day the sun was shining, which helped with my lack of sleep. We packed up our stuff and got back on the road towards Copenhagen.


During the summer Copenhagen transforms a grand open grass space into a camping, which makes it perfect for young people on a budget to stay near the centre of the city for a very cheap price. This place is called Bellahoj camping. For a popup camping it was perfectly fine, I wouldn’t recommend it to people who like more than the basic comfort. Whenever you wanted to go to the toilet, there was a chance you would be accompanied by some big spiders in the day and big mosquitos at night.

After a day of visiting the Kunsthalle in Hamburg and driving all the way to Copenhagen, we decided to explore the city after we dropped our stuff at the camping. We ended up at the water and sat on a bench for quite a while, just talking and looking at some ducks and swans.

The second last camping was the most interesting one we stayed at. It used to be a fort, so it had some remains of history, such as canons, which is pretty cool. If you ever want to visit Copenhagen and stay at a camping you should go to Charlottenlund fort camping. It’s a fifteen minute walk to the train station and a trainride of about twenty minutes to the centre of the city. The trains are very special on it’s own, they had some space-like vibe. When you’ve visited Copenhagen or when you’ll experience it yourself, you’ll know what I am talking about. 

At the camping you can climb on top of the  wall of the fort and you get this beautiful view of the sea. During the day there were a lot of people enjoying the sun, but in the evening there was almost no one in sight. It’s super quiet, which makes it perfect for an evening walk and rest on a bench to absorb the nature.



The last day of our roadtrip we had a lot of driving to do, which was perfectly planned because it was very rainy that day. We made one last stop at Camping Land aan de Elbe and put up our tent under an apple tree which was visited by a rabbit from time to time, especially at night.



This post was meant to be helpful for anyone who wants to visit Hamburg or Copenhagen in the future. And which I hope it was.

I would love to visit Denmark some more and see other places, do you have any recommendations? It could be anything, from castles to campings, from trees to rocks, you name it.

F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N





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