Manet in Kunsthalle Hamburg

I was pleasantly suprised when I set foot in the Kunsthalle of Hamburg. When descending from the stairs to the basement, I spotted a piece of Edouard Manet. Little did I know there was a grand exhibition of Manet going on (even though there was a huge banner on the side of the building, I wasn’t really consciously processing this information). A lot of people got the memo and arrived in troops, mainly older people, there were almost no youth present.

Manet his oeuvre consists of large numbers of work, which means I have a lot of pieces to discover. Exhibitions like this introduce me to new undiscovered pieces and I admired a lot of the pieces that were on display. I didn’t take a lot of photos here, mainly because of the people, but also because I wanted to really look at them.



One of the things that I really liked was the fact that the whole exhibition didn’t take place in a white cube, the walls were richly painted in all kinds of purple.



This piece by Eva Gonzalez was placed on the wall next to the piece that they used on the banner of the exhibition. Which makes it hardly noticable to the public and less interesting than the one everyone has seen. We look at things that we are used to, we always go for the familiar things. This is something that I am as guilty of as everyone else. When I look forward to an exhibition, I always leave the flyer on my desk so the image is unconciously imprinted in my brain. When visiting the exhibition I immediately get drawn to that image. 




This portrait stayed with me the most. I was intriged by the way Manet placed his brush on the canvas. The strong difference between the light and dark parts. The intriging gaze of the woman staring right at you, most portraits feature this aspect, but somehow this portrait felt different and deeper than the others.












I left with a very fulfilled mind and heart.

Because of a busy schedule the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to post this on time, so unfortunately there is no time left to visit this exhibition.


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