Life as an artstudent : experimenting with shapes

This new column is a bit more personal, it’s a journal of my life as an artstudent. As you may or may not know, I got my bachelor in Art Science and Archaeology a few months ago. But before even going to university I’ve always wanted to study Liberal Arts. It’s nice knowing a lot about the history of art, but making things with my own hands and own mind is nice too. I wanted to make my own work, learn new skills and develop my own style, so this September I started at Sint-Lucas Brussels.

The reason why I started this column is to see my own development throughout my studies as a Fine arts student and it’s a way to share it with the homefront, since I’ve been living on my own in Brussels for a few years now. This column might even help people to understand it more and eventually maybe even become a liberal arts student themself.

Two weeks have gone by since my first day of school and it already was a very eventful period of time.

Our weeks always start with the basics, drawing. Four hours of drawing a model and four hours focussing on perspective. These are some very intense hours of creating and focussing, which can be very tiring after a while, but it helps to get better and better.

Midweek we focus on our own development as an artist. The first week was very straightforward, on Wednesday we got the assigment to work around the topic ‘portrait’ and on Thursday we had a small exhibition for everyone to visit. We were free to chose which medium we wanted to work with, what or who we wanted to portray, so basically no rules. I ended up creating my own little creatures, I wanted to make a piece that would be open to interpretating for the viewer. The serie consists of six (non)existing, colourful creatures who are placed in a black and white space. No context of how they could even exist, how they ended up there, what they were doing, …



These two weeks I made over twenty drawings, so I selected a few. I like drawing on black paper, my lines end up more smooth and direct, whilst on white paper I am more hesitant. They don’t need any more explanation, so here they are. I am quite pleased with the results, but there’s still so much more room for improvement.













F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N





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