Artcyclopedia : Gustav Klimt


The art world is so extensive, new artists are born every day. As Joseph Beuys and Pablo Picasso stated, everyone is born an artist, it’s the ones who maintain their abilities who grow into the form of an artist. The amount of people who do is immense, therefore I decided to start a new column on this blog, namely Artcyclopedia. It’s a way of storing my personal favourites in one place. I will do my best to share an artist that I admire once in a while.

Sometimes images speak louder than words, that’s why these posts will consist mostly out of images. This might even encourage you to bring out the inner researcher and search the internet or books for more information about the artist.


Alongside discovering Egon Schiele came Gustav Klimt, no book about Schiele doesn’t mention Klimt and vice versa. These two were friends and influenced each other, yet they both have a very unique and recognizable style. Gustav Klimt has a way of playing with colours and strong compositions.

Looking at the first image it represents Danae, one of the many Greek woman who Zeus fell in love with. The golden part on the painting shows Zeus as golden rain, impregnating her with Perseus. But enough stories, this post is about the beauty of the images. Enjoy! 

















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