Artcyclopedia : Lucian Freud


The art world is so extensive, new artists are born every day. As Joseph Beuys and Pablo Picasso stated, everyone is born an artist, it’s the ones who maintain their abilities who grow into the form of an artist. The amount of people who do is immense, therefore I decided to start a new column on this blog, namely Artcyclopedia. It’s a way of storing my personal favourites in one place. I will do my best to share an artist that I admire once in a while.

Sometimes images speak louder than words, that’s why these posts will consist mostly out of images. This might even encourage you to bring out the inner researcher and search the internet or books for more information about the artist. 

Ever since I became interested in art, Lucian Freud has been one of those artists that I name when someone asks me my favourite artists. The reason might be that I am a sucker for his rough brushstrokes. Photos really don’t do his work justice, the sculptural placement of the paint doesn’t come forward as much as it has to. The photos make the (almost) sculptural paintings flat. 

A lot of his work is located in collections in London and New York, which is why I haven’t had a tête-à-tête with a lot of his work. The work in the fifth photo below is one that convinced me to add him to my favourite list. I felt so little when standing in front of this work, I don’t remember who I was with, when it was, but I only remember feeling overwhelmed and my jaw dropping.

But enough words here are some images. Enjoy! 

#108 re




Naked Portrait 1972-3 by Lucian Freud 1922-2011


Standing by the Rags 1988-9 by Lucian Freud 1922-2011











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