M HKA : From Broodthaers to Braeckman

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp shows numerous Belgian photographers of the 1960s until the 1990s. During these years photography evolved in Belgium. The exhibition kicks off with three pioniers in the Belgian photography scene, Marcel Broodthaers, Jef Geys and Jacques Charlier. Throughout the exhibition you get to see how photography found its way into the broad spectrum of the visual arts. 



Marcel Broodthaers (Copyright M HKA)



Jef Geys (Copyright M HKA)



Jacques Charlier


As you walk past the first two rooms you enter a room filled with three artists that all go by the name of Jacques. Jacques Lennep, Jacques Lizène and Jacques Louis Nyst.

I was so fascinated by the work of Jacques Lennep that I forgot to take a photo of the complete installation. The work “Le Musée de L’Homme: Ezio Bucci” revolved around a banal topic, a supporter of a football club named Ezio Bucci. The team that got to enjoy his support was known for their black and white stripes. Being such a fanatic supporter he spent his time transforming every object, every piece of clothing, even his hair in black and white stripes. The installation had Ezio Bucci in videoform, on numerous photos and all the objects on display in showcases. 




Jacques Lennep, Ezio Bucci (Copyright M HKA)


The piece that stayed with me the most was one of Jacques Lizène. As you can see in the photo below it shows a man standing straight and throughout the serie he starts bending over. Along with this movement you see the camera enclosing the man. 



Jacques Lizène



Philippe van Snick



Danny Matthys



Philippe van Snick



Lili Dujourie



Lili Dujourie



Dirk Braeckman



Dirk Braeckman (two on the left) and Liliane Vertessen


Ria Pacquée her series of photos were the first ones to appear in colour, besides the single photo of Lili Dujourie ofcourse. The first serie below is more of a performance captured as still images. Pacquée constructed a persona called Madame, who starts travelling and not noticing the beauty of the city because she’s always talking to people and asking directions. Hence the title “Madame Looking for the Right Direction Without Seeing the Beauty of the City”. I was fascinated by the silliness of it all and the story that’s constructed through such little amount of photos. 




Ria Pacquée



Ria Pacquée


I don’t know much about photography. I’ve always focussed on the classical forms of creating, namely painting and drawing. Through exhibitions like these I get to see so many different ways of the use of the medium photography.

I would recommend visiting this exhibition, you have until the 5th of February 2017. And to help you out, here’s the link to their website.



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