Life as an artstudent : experimenting with shapes


Since my last post about my own work I am quite obsessed with a specific technique, namely cutting out colourshapes from magazines. Because they are placed along side text, a sort of organic shape appears, just slightly determined by me. 

In this serie I combined painted black squares with colourful shapes. The underlying idea involved the terms masculinity and femininity. (It started out as a school assigment, but I am trying to dissociate myself from this fact.) Therefore I started with a recognizable shapes, breasts or nipples. As I went along I started to deform the recognizabilty and started connecting the rounded shapes to femininity and the angular ones to masculinity. 

All of this is still in a research fase, I would love to experiment with this technique more and make stronger individual pieces. I personally think they work as a group, but less as autonomous pieces. I am curious to know what you think? 

Lastly, I’ve very recently opened up a webshop, with very normal-priced pieces for sale. Maybe you would want to have a little look? 






















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