77 hours in Paris : Monnaie de Paris

About six years ago, I found myself in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, walking through a visual timeline of art. Accompanied in the room with the seventeenth century portraits and landscapes there was a man peeping through the floor. I was confused but yet so curious. Suddenly every other piece in the room didn’t matter to me anymore, I had to see this man upclose. For a few seconds I thought he was real, I went to take a closer look and saw a room beneath him. I soon found out it was an installation by Maurizio Cattelan. The only slight downside was, well, I am afraid of heights, even if it’s just a few meters. This might be why this memory stuck with me for so long. 

This was the first time I came in contact with an installation by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. I forgot about this experience until I set foot in Monnaie de Paris a few weeks ago to view the exhibition “Not Afraid of Love”. 

Every installation is in such a way integrated in the architecture that it could easily be made for it.



























We did handle this subject in class a few weeks before the planning of our trip to Paris. Which made this exhibition visit more of a ‘Oh now I can admire this piece face to face‘, instead of a ‘Oh, what’s this? What does it represent?‘. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the fact that I know things, but sometimes I miss that suprisefactor that’s a bit needed in this exhibition. Don’t you ever feel like you want to experience the world as if you’re new here? 



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