Artcyclopedia : Hayley Quentin


You might have already seen Hayley Quentin‘s work pop up on my blog before. (She was one of the female instagrams to follow.) It was time to dedicate a full post to her work.

I only share artists whose work I really admire, Hayley Quentin surely is one of them. Whenever she posts something on instagram it makes me happy. It’s amazing to see someone develop more and more as an artist and getting more recognition for it.  

As I was scrolling through her website, I soon noticed that her work has improved so much over just two year. I like the first pink pencil portraits she made and her phrase “I really got in a pink-colored-pencil-phase(™), and it’s damn fabulous. I don’t see this color impulse going away anytime soon.” at the end of her blogpost. As you can see on her instagram, she focussed more on painting throughout the last two years, she really did evolve in this medium. 

I never thought I would like the colour pink so much. Hope you enjoy these pieces! 













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