Artcyclopedia : Daisy Patton


The artist who I decided to share today is Daisy Patton I accidentally stumbled upon her instagram a few months ago, I immediately clicked the follow button but to be honest, I didn’t follow up on her work that much (it might be because I follow a lot of artists), until now. I’ve rediscovered her instagram and scrolled through her website to find out more of her artistic practice. The concept behind the serie ‘Forgetting is so long’  fascinated me as soon as I saw the pieces, but when I read her words I had to share it. 

The overall concept fascinated me the most “They say we die two deaths: the first is our actual passing; the second is when the last person who remembers us takes their final breath.”  In her work she integrates family photos of people who passed away a long time ago.  The photos merely serve as a canvas for her paint, but she handles it so well and makes it her own.

There’s so much to see in every piece, so I hope I get to see her work in real life one day.

Hope you enjoy her work as much as I do!   

















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