First (group)exhibition : Ithaka 25





The last few monts have been very busy. At the end of last year I took a big step in applying for an artfestival Ithaka and guess what, I was one of the selected few!

You might have seen that the activity on my blog decreased a bit, this is because I was working hard on the four sculptures and four collages that I put on display. It’s the first time that I had this tight deadline for my own work and it gave me an extra drive. The moment the sculptures were finished it felt great.




You may or may not have seen these figures on my blog or instagram before. With my background of Art Science and Archaeology I am truly bitten by the research bug. The text in the catalogue described everything very well :

Kimberly Hoskens’ (°1993) life is coloured by her interest in art. After earning a bachelor’s degree in Art History and Archaeology she decided to delve deeper into visual arts at Luca School of Arts Brussels. In this creative environment, her creatures, came to being.

In creatures, she leads spectators to their own utopia by using their imagination. Through these shapes & colours, she will take you on an hallucinatory journey in which beauty plays a prominent role. She prefers to stay away from the ubiquitous critical dimension of art & seeks to add a bit of humour.

Inspired by Nel Aerts’ paintings, Kimberly started using magazines as a starting point as well. The colour patches in the collages are cut directly from magazines & are determined by these periodic publications themselves. Their shape & size depend both on the young artist herself as on the presence written words. Colours that serve as padding between phrases now get a leading role in her images & sculptures. Their organic & diverse forms create a vast number of unexplored creatures. As such, the title of her work is evident, as it refers to the imaginary creatures made up of magazine cuttings.

Kimberly’s research-oriented background finds its way into her artistic work as well. Throughout her artworks, she seeks to depict a sole idea in different ways. Firstly, she transforms three-dimensional creatures into two-dimensional pieces, subsequently making them tangible again as sculptures.

As an artist, she hopes to create a moment of disconnection from reality & to stimulate connection with an unknown dimension. In any case, creatures attracts our curiosity & plays with our imagination.”












After making my sculptures and getting everything ready for the art festival, I was mentally and physically exhausted. I didn’t find the energy to write a whole blogpost about this whole experience before/during the art festival.

It ended this sunday and I was very pleased with the result. The art festival focusses on young artists, which is why nobody knows any of the artists. The evening of the opening I could just stand in the room with my pieces and ease drop on every conversation. It’s a perfect way to hear sincere opinions of the visitors. 








Throughout the whole process I kept doubting myself and my work. I kept finding ways to change what I made, how I could evolve. It gave me more ideas for future work, so I am so grateful that I got this opportunity.  


And lastly, the whole week was filled with different activities, such as a workshop for children. I found out at the end of the week that these kids used my work as an inspiration and here are some photos of the pieces they created. I warms my heart to see things like this. 








F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N




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