A day of art in Brussels

Yesterday was a very busy day. I went from Centrale for Contemporary Art to Poppositions to Off Course Young Contemporary Art Fair and lastly to Art Brussels (I’ll be writing a seperate post about the Art Brussels).

The exhibition in Centrale for Contemporary Art Where are Sounds? shows 11 artists whose work revolve around sound. I was so fascinated by the installations that I forgot to take photos and it wouldn’t be the same as seeing it in real life. I did however made a little video of Lawrence Malstaf‘s work. The sculptures are made out of paper and move whenever you stand in front of the little sensors. If you have the time, you should step foot in this museum. The exhibition runs until the 10th of September, so there’s still plenty of time. 



Next up was Poppositions, this art fair has been around since 2011 but this year was the first time that I heard of it. It moves around throughout Brussels, there’s no fixed space. This year they are located on top of Mont des Arts, with a beautiful view over Brussels. There weren’t that many galleries present, but just the right amount to give every piece the attention they deserve. The artists mentioned in this post are the ones that stayed with me the most after exiting the building

Since this was my second year actively visiting art fairs I still feel a bit uncomfortable walking around at these fancy, grand art fairs where money feels like a very important element. I didn’t feel like this at Poppositions. It felt so accessible, everyone who represented a gallery was very friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I like every experience, but the fact that they had a smile on their face made it all feel very sincere. Whereas compared to Art Brussels for example I don’t ever talk to anyone and it feels a bit too commercial. But anyway, onto the artists that I really enjoyed.

I could go on and on about what I like the most about these artists, how my experience was walking around this relatively small art fair, what my thoughts are, but I don’t want to ramble and writes meters of text. So I hope you click on their names to head on over to their websites and see all the pieces for yourself. 

First up, Lamart Offspace presenting pieces by Flurin Bisig. I liked his steel bar sculptures combined with colour fragments. When I came home I immediately did some research on his other work and his website triggered my interest. I am a sucker for colours and experiments with differents materials. 

Canto #1


Kim? Contemporary Art Centre representing Indrinkis Gelzis. This work is a bit like what I mentioned above. The only difference is that the metal structures are embraced by colored textile.

Copyright Indrikis Gelzis




And last but not least, DMW Art Space, a Belgian gallery located in Antwerp, showed the work of Johan Gelper. I walked passed these sculptures and I was very curious, but it wasn’t until the second time that I stopped and really looked. I have to mention the young woman representing DMW Art Space. She was one of the most friendly people I’ve seen all day. With a bright smile she started explaining Johan Gelper his work. The way she spoke about his work felt so genuine, there was a passion for art and I really loved talking to her. 

Copyright Johan Gelper



Last place to mentioned is Off Course Young Contemporary Art Fair. It’s located at the bottom of Mont des Arts, in a beautiful monumental building. The inside however isn’t that well preserved, which I don’t mind at all. The artist that interested me the most and whose work I stared at for a few minutes is Polien Boons


Copyright Polien Boons


F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N




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