Groupexhibition ‘Gangbaar’


Alongside several classmates I exhibited a new piece. I don’t see it as a completely finished piece, it’s still in an intermediate fase. As you can see I made different colourful shapes. These are made out of several layers of cardboard and then covered with a layer of woodpaste, with eventually a coat of paint.

It’s a start for a bigger work. When I came up with this idea I saw it very monumental, a room filled with bigger than my head shapes. After thinking about it for a few weeks I imagine it different now, I want to fill a room with dozens, even hundreds, of these little colourful shapes.




The end of the academic year is near, less than a month I’ll be presenting my work. This grand idea of a room filled with these shapes is impossible in the near future. In addition to this idea, I have to work on other assignments.

I placed these pieces at the top of the wall, but eventually they started to fall of (because of a poor decision of the suspension system). They eventually ended up on the floor where I put them in the right order. I didn’t mind the whole falling off part, because people started to pick them up and put them back on the wall. It became something interactive which made me think about a future installation that’s more interactive than what I’ve made so far.

















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