Books in April


I didn’t read much in April, I’ve been busy with all kinds of projects. The academic year is almost ending, which means deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines. My head is filled with ideas that I still need to visualize, so it’s impossible to dive into a story. Hopefully next month will be better.




Het Smelt – Lize Spit 

Lize Spit her first published book has been everywhere in Belgium for the past months, in every store, in every paper, everyone was talking about it. So I had to know what the fuzz was all about and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The book consists of 487 pages but is so fluently written that after 20 pages I had to know the whole story. I finished this book in little than two weeks and the last 100 pages were read in one sitting. I can’t wait for her next book.




Olivier Schrauwen – My boy 

Olivier Schrauwen his graphic novel was a pleasure to read. The story is so absurd that I’ve read this with a smile on my face all the way through the pages. It’s almost impossible to summarize the whole storyline, but I’ll try. The book is divided in a few short chapters and every chapter recalls a different moment. The main characters are the father and the boy. You should read it for yourself. The thing that convinced me to pick up this book was the way Olivier Schrauwen draws, I absolutely love his style.


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