Little update

I figured it was time to write an update on what I will be writing about in the next months. I’ll try to keep this post short!

This year is the year of the arts. It’s when Documenta XIV, Biennal of Venice and Skulpture Projekt Münster take place all at once. These art festivals only occur once in a few years. It will be an intense month, because June is the only month that I am able to visit these different cities. But hey, I am full of energy and ready to go! 

Starting this weekend until the end of June, I’ll be in several different places. On Sunday I am going on a roadtrip through Germany for a week. We are making a little detour first, to Otterlo (The Netherlands) where Kröller-Müller museum is located. The detour is all for the exhibition ‘Arp : the Poetry of Forms‘. My own work often reminds people of the pieces by Jean Arp, so when I saw this exhibition pop up on my facebook timeline I had to plan a visit.

From Otterlo we’ll be driving to Münster and spending a few days there. Since Skulpture Projekt Münster only takes place every ten years, I am very happy that this year is the time that I get to visit it. My fondness for sculptures is growing every day and seeing these pieces will (hopefully) only make it go faster.

After one day in Münster and a day spent at a camping without any art (my brain needs a rest sometimes), we’re going to end it on a highnote. Two days full-on Documenta XIV. I’ve read some not so positive notes on Documenta but I am still going with an open mind and a lot of curiosity.

When returning to Belgium I have to work for a day and pack my bag once again to head on over to the airport and hop on a plane to Venice. A city that I’ve always dreamt of visiting, ever since that one course of architecture I had about three years ago, Venice will definitely make my brain explode with enthousiasm. 

I am so excited what this month will bring, since I devoted myself to the arts, I looked forward to going to one of these art festivals. I am so happy that I get the chance to do so and three in one month makes me even happier. If you are interested in my travels, you can expect some new posts in July again! Until then! But if you are way too curious already, you can follow me on instagram to see a little sneak peek every once in a while.  



F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N




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