Artcylopedia : Uta Eisenreich

Uta Eisenreich is a contemporary artist. First time I came across her work was in school a few weeks ago. We had to analyse the artist book ‘A Play‘. I had never heard of Uta Eisenreich but I am so glad I do know. 

The way she plays with words, shapes and colours is something to admire. It’s clear to see that her work is influenced, among other things, by the still life. She creates different dialogues by associations between words and different objects.  




I’ve been working on my own artistic practice the past months and I am leaning towards making videos and sculptures. Uta Eisenreich her videos are a huge inspiration and fill my mind with tons of ideas. The short fragment of a video ‘Applepear’ for example gets me in the direction of stopmotion and combining sounds with simple musical instruments/sounds (one of the main differences is that I am a huge fan of colour).

There aren’t many videos of her full performances or videos online, but I got the chance to view four of her pieces in Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag and was absolutely blown away.

It was a simple display. Three white screens with a projection of a film, two headphones at every bench in front of the white screen and a small monitor in a corner of the room.

The small monitor film fascinated me the most. It showed one object at a time and every object was linked to a sound. As the film progressed the same objects appeared several times with the same sound. Eventually a story developed. I could watch this for hours. I could go on and on about my fascination for this artist but I am going to end here. The only thing you should do now is head on over to her website. Her website is a piece of art in itself. 








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