Collection of postcards I

Everytime I visit a museum I go into the museumshop and treat myself with some postcards. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and these are all the ones that I’ve collected so far. Most of them are paired with a memory, which is fun to revisit when browsing through my mini-collection from time to time. 

I dream of one day having my own studio. A studio where you enter and immediately feel inspired by the wall covered in postcards.

The original idea was to show all of them in one post, but after going through them and scanning every single one of them, I discovered that I have more than 150 cards. I suppose I’ll be sharing them in different posts. 

Hope you enjoy! 


Scan_20180616 (2)Scan_20180617 (3)Scan_20180617 (2)Scan_20180616_1Scan_20180617 (5)Scan_20180616 (6)Scan_20180616 (5)Scan_20180616 (4)Scan_20180616 (3)Scan_20180617 (4)

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