70 hours in Porto: Serralves museum

The Serralves museum in Porto might be one of the lesser known museums out there, at least to my own knowledge. I accidently stumbled on this museum when I went to visit my boyfriend in Porto when he was on tour with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the summer of 2018.

I spent two days in Porto and everytime I visit a new city I want to explore the museumoptions, which in this case was the Serralves museum. The museum shows a lot of conceptual art, which is harder to warm up to if you have no background knowledge of this specific artist or piece. After my visit I spent some time on their website and viewed the collection there. My eyes were attracted to a lot of pieces which weren’t on display in the summer of 2018. (I’ve put some of the ones I liked at the end of this post)

I highly recommend visiting this museum if you ever find yourself in Porto. Not only for the artexperience but also for the nature. If you google the museum you can see that it’s completely surrounded by a grand park in the middle of the city. There are more than enough spots to sit down on a bench and listen to the sounds of nature. 




On our walk from the hotel to the museum we came across this monumental sculpture by Angelo Sousa and I walked beneath and around it for quite some time, until the point my boyfriend almost had to drag me along. I was so fascinated by this metal construction.






Patricia Garrido


After our visit to the museum we spent this beautiful sunny day in the park. We came across an extremely esthetically pleasing Art Deco villa. Further on our walk we found this lake and some benches. So evidently we sat down and as in a romantic scene, just sat there enjoying the nature and each others company. 




So if you want some inspiration for the next cultural city trip, I highly recommend Porto! 







F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N





  1. well, in Portugal everyone knows Serralves but ok, it might be not well known around the world… anyway, it was great to see your experience there 🙂 did you came to Lisbon?? cheers from Portugal, PedroL


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