Koenraad Dedobbeleer (WIELS)

Well this post is a little bit too late, but I still wanted to share it anyway. Since writing these posts isn’t my toppriority at the moment, I lost sight of time. I still want to share this because I really liked this exhibition and when the next exhibition of this artist comes along, I will certainly be present. 

A few weeks ago the exhibition of Belgian artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer in WIELS (Brussels) ended. I visited this exhibition two times, one time with a guided tour of the artist himself and another time when I went to visit the other exhibition in the building, the exhibition of René Daniels.   


As I mentioned in the previous post of 8 ongoing exhibitions in Belgium, I had the privilige to visit this exhibition with a guided tour of the artist himself. I really enjoyed this (even though I was very ill). The artist gave us some insights on how his works come about. 

The space can be divided into three areas. The first one, which was the one who got my attention the most, was a big space filled with different sculptures (pieces made between 2013/2014 and recently). Every piece has its own space to breath.

Dedobbeleer works with ready mades and it can all seem a bit too conceptual and vague but the little museumtexts help to contextualise everything. Within his work he combines arthistorical references with popular culture. Such as the little snippet you can see on the third photo below. On the right there’s a sculpture that refers to a playground set, but with placing handles on the sculpture, Dedobbeleer refers to the arthistorical context in which every sculpture needed to be movable. Besides the visually pleasing pieces, I got fascinated by these tiny thoughtprocesses.






The second space in the exhibition was called ‘The Gallery of Material Culture‘, a space in which five pastelgreenish boxes were placed. Every box was a collection of various items. My first instinct was to search for a story considering every item, but this wasn’t the intention of the artist. Besides these boxes there was a radiator serving as a sculpture and a sculpture of Diana, which the artist changed in a subtle way. For now the nose of the woman was replacedto seem like someone else. I seem to remember that he wanted to continue this process.    

When you went up the stairs you entered the third and final room. It felt more like a homey environment. There was a possibility to brew your own coffee, to warm up at a stove and read some books. 




What struck me was that every piece had a bizarre title to it. Throughout the time Dedobbeleer collects differents sentences from books and other literary sources. He writes these down and in this exhibition particular, he gave the curator the choice to give every piece a title from his wordarchive.




I never heard of Koenraad Dedobbeleer but I am glad I know him now. If I didn’t know that it was a soloexhibition I would have thought the space was filled with different artists. Dedobbeleer uses different themes and materials which prevents everything to feel like a cohesive oeuvre and yet it does.

I can’t wait for his next exhibition! 




F O L L O W   E M I T T R A   O N




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